Womanhood is a self-published magazine that began as my final year degree show project as I graduate from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. It aims to re-shape the ideas of what a woman 'should be' through a series of nude photographs and interviews, evoking discussion on issues of femininity and feminism. Womanhood is a catalyst for positive change serving as a tool for body confidence amongst the women featured and its readers. Each of the women in this issue are brave friends and family members who have collaborated with me on their individual photo shoots and dared to bare all. At the beginning of this project each woman was asked to describe a world where the male gaze rendered unproblematic and how they would like to portray themselves in this world. Womanhood Magazine is a product of this project. Womanhood is a practice of creativity, positivity and love. Womanhood says you are not only interesting but original, not only great but exceptional and not just powerful but unbeatable.

Our annual Graduate Exhibition opens Friday, 12th June 2015 at our campus on 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, adjoining John Street West Building where Womanhood will be on show until 21st June.

To purchase a copy of WOMANHOOD MAGAZINE, including full set of photographs and interviews please contact me by email at elsabrightling@gmail.com 

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